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Log in to your account at

If you haven't set up a seller account yet, make sure to read this article to set up your seller account. 

After you have logged in, go to your dashboard and switch to the Seller dashboard.

Then click on Shop Inventory on the left side menu.

Now, click on Add New Product.

Fill out product information

Fill out the Initial Setup information.

Tax Category should be Digital Products for most products.

Leave Brand blank.

Product Categories. Type the category that you think best fits your product. 

For example, type Baking if you have a baking add-on. 

If there is not a category that fits your product, you can type "Unsorted" and we will figure out which category best fits your add-on. 

You can also request categories by clicking on "Add Category" or by emailing

In the description, you can customize it however you like, add images, videos, gifs etc.

Try to keep your description concise and visually appealing. If you have a support page, you can add a link to that, and we can also add technical details and support information on our support site. 

Once you have finished, click Save and Next at the bottom right of the page.

Fill out More Details

Product Warranty can be set to 30.

Software - Enter Blender (or the relevant software/render engine).

Compatible Versions - List all compatible versions, such as 2.83 and newer. 

Make sure to click Add before you click Save and Next. 

Add Product Tags

Fill out all product tags. Make sure these are relevant to your product. Do not spam the tags, we will delete tags if they are not relevant.

Click Save and Next.

Add Media

Upload all graphics for your product by clicking on "Choose File".

Images should be 1:1 ratio and we suggest 1000x1000. 

You can reposition and crop photos after you choose the photo, but even if you want empty space on the top and bottom, we recommend creating that empty space in another program so that your upload is 1:1 ratio before you upload it.

Setup Inventory

For inventory, make sure to fill out all required fields. 

Minimum Purchase Quantity should be 1.

Max Download Times will typically be set to -1 for unlimited downloads.
If you only want the user to be able to download 5 times, set this to 5 (not recommended)

Validity will typically be set to -1 for the ability for the user to download forever. 

You can set an expiration date. For example, if you want users to re-purchase every year, you can set this to 365.

*We plan on eventually setting up a subscription model, so only use this if necessary and before that model is available.

If you want this immediately, set publish to Yes and Date Available From with today's date.

Cost price should be 0 for most products. This is how much it physically costs you to create your product, if your product is digital, this is 0.

Support this Creator

Set to No if you want a fixed cost, set to Yes if you want to have a flexible cost.

Selling Price is the price the user will see on the store for cost price.

The minimum amount will be what is shown in the "Minimum Amount" box and will be the lowest cost your product is available for. 

If you want to give away your product for free, but allow people to pay you, if they want to, you can set the selling price to $0 and then set the minimum selling price to support creator to $0 or to a minimum amount you decide. Because of transaction fees, it might make sense to make the minimum something like $5. If someone supports you for $1, after fees and commission, you may only get $.20 cents, so it may not make sense, but you can do whatever you want, this is your product! 

Update your Inventory

Go back to your Shop Inventory on the left side of the Seller's Dashboard menu. Then click on My Products on the top right. 

Then find your new add-on and click on the clipboard icon, on the right. Then click on the edit icon on the right.

If you need to update your initial settings, you can do that now, then click on Downloads at the top.

Here you can paste a download link from GitHub, Dropbox, Google Drive or anywhere and/or upload a zip folder with your product inside.

View your new product on the store!

Now, you can go to and search for your new product and see it live on the store! 

For the example we created, we didn't actually add any media, so we don't see a picture. You can see that the price is set to 0, but if users want to support you they can give you any amount as long as it's $5 or more. 

Another Support This Creator Example

In the Support This Creator example below, Support This Creator is set to Yes, the Selling price is $20, and the Minimum Selling Price to Support Creator is set to 0.

This suggests that the user pays $20 but allows them to pay any amount they want, including free. 

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