How to add a .zip and/or GitHub link?


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If the add-on has a GitHub, there could be a few places to get the latest release.

First read their description in case there are multiple versions or further instructions.

If not, then see if hey have any releases by clicking on the releases or by typing /releases at the end of the URL.

Under the latest release, click on Assets and find the .zip folder. 

Download the zip folder and this is the folder you would upload as the product. 

To get the download link, right-click on the .zip folder on GitHub and "Copy Link Address". Now paste that in the Downloads link. 

The link would look something like this:

You may also want to provide the parent URL, in case a new version is released. That link would be the /releases link. In this example:

If there are no releases, then from the main page, you would click "Code", then "Download Zip" to download the .zip folder that you will upload. 

And to get the download link, you right click on Download Zip and Copy Link Address.

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